i am...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am worried about my grandma.

I think that I am very blessed.

I know my husband is my best friend.

I want to be a mother someday.

I have an amazing group of friends and family.

I wish that we had no debt.

I hate negativity.

I miss my childhood.

I fear not having enough money.

I feel like an adult.

I hear the air kicking in.

I smell perfume.

I crave water.

I search for options; ways.

I wonder what I will do for a living 5 years from now.

I regret ever using credit cards.

I ache in my back.

I care about my friends and family more than they might always realize.

I always try to have perspective.

I am not easily intimidated.

I believe in the strength of love.

I sing in the car; always.

I cry at commercials sometimes; I am a sap.

I don't always make the smartest choices; but I always follow my heart.

I fight for what I believe is right.

I write sporadically.

I never want to lose the amazing relationship and communication that I have with my husband.

I stole this idea from ptg.

I listen to most everyone around me.

I need to organize my office.

I am happy about so much.

{sometimes i feel like i'm still on the ride found here.}