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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm sure you remember how die-hard I am about One Tree Hill. I think I also mentioned a few weeks back that they have begun filming season 6 in Wilmington. Of course I can't stop myself from checking the spoilers daily and oth blog is my favorite stop. {If you don't want to see spoilers, don't read any further.}

I couldn't have been happier with how season 5 ended; I think they did a truly incredible job. My hopes for season 6 is obviously that Lucas is calling Peyton from the airport. Creater Mark Schwan is taking some dramatic steps to make sure that us die-hards do not find out who he calls until the season opener.... in September!!! BUT... even though several pictures have been released, including some shots of him and Brooke acting "couply" downtown, my heart tells me that this one is the real thing.....

Awww... it makes my heart melt. How hot are they?? I would be unbelievably happy if for once, Naley and Leyton were all together and all happy!!! That would be incredible.

Can't wait for season 6!!!!!! Be sure to keep up to date on the latest filming happenings on oth blog!

{image via othblog.}

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