Monday, July 7, 2008

I will never again taken air conditioners for granted. I have always been more of a windows-open, breeze-flowing kind of girl. But I guess I have never had to stand the dreadful heat in your house without an air conditioner before either. But low and behold, our air conditioner is fixed. We were lucky that it quit working when it wasn't completely hot outside yet {see, I always knew I would find a good reason for turning ours on so early!} so we survived last week. But last night's sweltering heat was the end of the road for me. Called them up on my lunch today and they came right out. $150 later... but it's fixed. And I'll take that. It does suck, yes. But it could have been much worse, yes again. We'll deal. And we'll deal in some damn cool air.

{And the PS3 is also on it's merry little way to get fixed as well. Either that or they will give us a new one. Works for us. Poor hubby will have to deal without COD4 until his precious playstation returns home.}

{photo from one/million via flickr.}


kari said...

I'm glad that your AC is fixed, I get so hot at night that I can't imagine being without AC. Our PS3 hasn't had the same problems as yours, but I'll definitely be watching for it.