Thursday, July 3, 2008

The vet immediately knew that the "bumps" all over Guinness are hives from an allergic reaction. He doesn't think they are related to his previous allergy issues and thinks it is more of an isolate case; i.e. he came into contact with something that he is allergic to and his body reacted in this way. It makes it difficult not knowing what that thing is-- there has been nothing new in our house or my parents house where he often goes- so that is throwing us for a loop.

So, the vet gave him two shots-- one for the vomiting and one for the hives. They are suppose to take effect within the next 12 hours. He is very concerned about his breathing, therefore doesn't want him alone very often. Of course I don't want him alone either when he is so sick- but that proves to be difficult at times. A lot of our family is traveling this weekend for the holiday, not to mention that we also had travel plans; concert tickets and hotel rooms booked and paid for. But that is not important now. We will wait it out and see how the meds react with him. Hopefully, he will clear up and be able to keep down food down. But the poor guy's throat is so swollen that he collar wouldn't even fit this morning. Good thing Brian was there with me this morning because I never could have done this alone.

One good thing is that he is still acting like himself. It hasn't affected his mentality whatsoever, which makes things a little easier for mom. ;) He is in goods hands right now with my sisters and Brian and I are trying to finish up work stuff before they leave for vaca so he won't have to be alone! Hopefully we can work this thing out!!

Thanks a ton for all your good thoughts and prayers for us! It's amazing how much this little guy means to us.