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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The best movies always come out during the summertime.. but this summer seems to be jam-packed with must sees. So far we've been able to catch The Happening; Wall-e; and The Dark Knight. See my quick review for The Happening here {I loved it}. I also loved Wall-e! With two younger siblings it's no surprise that I still love the Disney movies, and this one was no exception. It had an incredible story and great morals. And of course; The Dark Knight. We just saw this movie last weekend {with the rest of the nation} and were beyond satisfied. It was truly incredible! I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't see it, but if you haven't, you should go! Now!

Speaking of Aaron Eckhart {he's in Dark Knight}, I just watched Meet Bill last night with Stacey. It is one of my new favorite movies. It was all ends of the spectrum, but mostly hilarious! You just relate to "Bill" so very much. I just wanted to be his friend! It just released on dvd yesterday so check it out! I want to buy it.

There are several new ones that have released that I haven't even seen yet!! Sex & The City {I am getting desperate to see this one!!}; Hancock; and Wanted among others.

But there are so many that I am looking forward to that haven't released yet. I'm pretty sure I will try to see all of these ones on their opening weekends. Stepbrothers is up first, releasing this weekend, which I am probably most excited about. I can't even begin to explain why, but I'm sure I will have an entire post dedicated to this beauty on Monday. I have been jamming out to "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. all summer long antipating Pineapple Express. I LOVE Seth Rogen, James Franco and their whole crew. It looks amazing. If you know me at all, you know that I am a die hard Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fan! The sequel looks incredible and I tear up just watching the previews!! Can't wait!! And the The Rocker is pretty much summed up with one person; Rainn Wilson: the only reason I want to see this movie. HaHa. And it looks pretty funny too! Burn After Reading is another funny one that I can't wait to see! I have probably watched the trailor for it at least 20 times. :)


So there you have it. I am a movie freak. What have you seen this summer? Likes; dislikes?

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*Sam* said...

Wanted was SO good! Rumors of a sequel. That's a good thing. :)