Friday, August 1, 2008

I really almost can't believe it, but next month will be our first wedding anniversary! So crazy.. it has come around SO fast! So here lies the ultimate question... what to get my hubby for our very first anniversary. Traditionally it's the paper anniversary- which should be easy enough. I have a few ideas, but would love some opinions. {I even temporarily blocked our blog from our computer at home so that Brian can't read this if he wants to! Besides which he will never remember the web address since I took it out of the favorites, haha!}

So- one idea Kathy suggested. She recently made her parents an album from the site picaboo for their anniversary. Very similar to Shutterfly, but it looks much more user-friendly and I was happy with her results. So her suggestion was to chronicle our first year of marriage in one of the books... with pictures and maybe poems or just stories of everything that we did this year. What do you think?? Right now I am leaning toward this, I even downloaded the {free} application to get started!

I came accross another amazing idea today via Mango, called Phunklab. Basically you send them a picture and any text or words and they create an amazing piece of art! Example:

And turn it into this:
Or these:

I'm really loving both ideas!! What do you think? I could have our wedding vows or old letters or even lyrics to our song on the art? Check out the etsy shop here and the blog here. Truly incredible.

So those are my two ideas at this point. Brian has already asked me if we want to go in on a gift to each other and mentioned an oil painting of one of our wedding pictures, but I think we both would prefer the work of Phunklab more- much more us. So maybe do the book for him myself and go in on the art together? Or should we keep it simply seperate gifts? Can you tell I'm new at the wedding anniversary thing??

We are already lucky enough to be spending our first anniversary away at the beach!! YAY. We can't wait to be there! But the book is something that I could take with me and give to him there.

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Anonymous said...

Because the book would be fairly inexpensive (probably around $30 or so, right?) I would go in together on the art and then get the book for him. And really, I think both gifts will be something both of you will appreciate for years to come.

kari said...

I think Kristal has a good idea. I think you guys would love to have both of those ideas around.

Dusty @AllThingsG+D said...

I love the art idea--very cool!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I ran across your blog from friends and I love your ONE Year anniversary plans...I love the picture awesome!!! I am celebrating my one year in September so I am looking to do something similar after I saw your ideas :) Thanks

Jill said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!! Great idea! I love the one over the bed! Thanks for sharing!