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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where do I even start? This past weekend felt like it was out of the twilight zone! Friday night was as planned; Andrew, Stacey, Aaron & Kathy all came over to play board games. My sisters were also staying with us while my parents were out of town, so we had a full house. Had a great time playing Scattegories, CatchPhrase and drinking some wine {the ladies at least.} We would all later find out that this night brought forth a huge realization for the men in our lives. While the ladies were enjoying a nice breeze on the back deck, the men were sharing secrets. Aaron mentioned to Andrew and Brian that he had a secret- he was proposing to Kathy tomorrow!!!!! WOW! How amazing right? Well Brian said that the look on Andrew's face was priceless when he came back and said; shut the f*ck up- I'm propsing to Stacey tonight! I believe they sat in silence for a second taking in what was all just said! Lucky for my husband his duties were already said and done or it could have been a disaster! HaHa.

And so it was.... Andrew proposed to Stacey later that night at their home; complete with roses and the office- she wouldn't have had it any other way. And Aaron sent Kathy on a scavenger hunt around town ultimately leading her to him and his proposal. And yes, they share the same proposal date! For a group as close as ours- this was just crazy to take in! It all seemed so surreal, it still does! So Saturday evening we all ventured to the drive-in as planned-- weddings were the number one thing on our minds!! But we took a couple breaks to watch the movies too I suppose. :) {Walle was great, Get Smart not so much.}

I am so unbelievably happy for my dear friends; so much so that I could never put it into words just yet. This time in our lives is absolutely priceless. Brian and I get to sit back and watch so many of our amazing friends continue to the next step in the lives with their loves. It is truly incredible and I enjoy every second of it. {Next year will be a big year for us, filled with love, marriages and lots of cake; Andrew & Jennifer will be first in May, followed by Brianna and Travis in June, Aaron & Kathy are hoping for August, and then Andrew & Stacey in the fall. It will be amazing, I'm going to have to stock up on memory cards!}

Here we are with Andrew & Stacey:

And with Aaron & Kathy:

This picture suits them to a tee:

How cute are they?

Me and the lovely brides-to-be:

We're so happy for you guys and can't wait to share your special days with you!!!! LOVE YOU!

Today marks 10 months that Brian and I have been married... even that seems surreal. It feels like just yesterday that I wore that beautiful dress and bounded my life to him. I love thinking of our wedding day. I hope the memories never fade....

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leah @maritalbless said...

What a great weekend! I got chills reading that both guys planned on and did propose on the same day! You guys have such a solid group of friends, I'm envious!