Friday, June 20, 2008

We have a happenin' weekend approaching us. Tonight we are seeing The Happening with the gang. I am scared to see it, but I always love M. Night Shyamalan's films so I'm super excited. The hubs will be there to protect me. ;) Did I mention that I love Zooey Deschanel and Mark Wahlberg isn't too hard on the eyes either.

On Saturday we are having a party at the house to celebrate Brian’s birthday!! His actual birthday is on Sunday and he is turning 24!! I can't wait to give him his presies and celebrate with our closest friends!

Rant ahead: we have planned so much stuff this summer that our checking account is suffering. It is really frustrating me because we did it to ourselves. We have more than enough money to go around, and we just put all of it into “fun” stuff. While it has been great enjoying such a fun-filled summer; it is driving me crazy that we are now having to put other things on hold to have our “fun.” Almost takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it?

Particularly right now it is sparring me from the new Martha Wainwright album. Damn it. {however I did just remember while typing the above rant that I still have some money to redeem on iTunes from my gift card!! Martha.. here I come!}

We can finally see the light at the end of the financial distress tunnel though... June was just a bad month with too many "fun" activities. Hopefully July will spare us and make nice.

And even though I did, yes, just get done complaining of spending too much money on fun stuff- I bought some items at Old Navy on my lunch break today. Before you freak out-- I had some Old Navy Bucks built up and a coupon so it didn't cost me a dime. {and Missy was with me, she keeps me in line.}

The reason I went in the first place was to get this shirt for Brian, but after I grabbed it Missy took it from me and bought it for him for his birthday; she's too sweet to us.

And then I was so thrilled to find just one of these tanks left that I have been eyeing in my size... so that was my little purchase for myself. Along with this amazing necklace {only mine is a gorgeous yellow.} They look so great together.

I spotted these shoes there too... sadly they did not have my size. If they would have I probably would have put everything else back to get them. They are beautiful.

Oh, how I miss shopping.... {lucky for me I have enough clothes so I don't really need anything, but it is always the first thing I want.}

In any event- it is Friday {afternoon} and I am so damn glad! Enjoy your weekend!!

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