Monday, June 30, 2008

One thing that I forgot to mention about my oh-so-fabulous trip to Chicago... all was fine and dandy and I was so excited to get home and see my boys. I walked through the door of the house, bags in hand, and my very first words, "why the hell is it SO hot in here???" Brian had just got home so he didn't notice anything... I immediately walked over to the thermostat to find it set at 70, but a whopping 81 degrees in the house. The vents were pushing out air, but it wasn't very cool. So I walk out back to find our ac unit doing absolutely nothing. No spinning, no humming, nothing. {Great.} I go downstairs and check the fuse box, nothing out of place, but I shut it off and back on again. Still nothing. Go back outside and fumble with shit that I know nothing about. Not even a good kick will get the sucker going. So I call my dad. He comes. Basically goes through the same routine that I did. Nothing.

Luckily we have had some cooler days lately so having the windows open hasn't been too bad. But poor G-man is what I worry about- he overheats easily. So needless to say I am calling the cooling & heating company today to hopefully get someone out this week to look at it. {Great, again.} I'm sure we will be paying $75 just for them to tell us what's wrong. Just pray for me that we won't need to replace the entire unit. I'd be satisfied with some damaged coils or anything other than having to replace the whole unit! Ack! What a great thing to come home to!

And now here I sit, feeling mad at myself for feeling sorry for myself about a stupid air conditioner when people, families, children, businesses have lost their homes, their lives, minutes away from us in the floods. Stupid conscience.

{photo by alicia bock.}


leah @maritalbless said...

I would be unable to sleep! I'd honestly be a freaking zombie.

I hope the estimate isn't that bad!