cameroon sand.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Registering for our wedding gifts was such a blast. Probably one of the most amusing things I have ever done... just zapping away at all these lovely things for our home; for our life. We never planned on registering for fancy china; we just aren't the type of people who would use it. But low and behold, when I laid eyes on this set from Noritake, my mind changed real quick.

It is so fun, yet simple and elegant. So we figured what the heck and zapped that too. We received tons of place settings and serving platters and dishes. The entire set is so gorgeous. But can you believe that we have been married nine months and haven't used them once?!? Sad, I know. We don't even have them displayed. We did inherit a lovely hutch from my aunt that is currently storing it all, sadly in our basement though because our current main living area just doesn't have enough space for it. In any event, I'm planning on making a really nice meal sometime this weekend for Brian and I and breaking out the china finally to use it!! If I remember I'll take a few pictures so that maybe you can enjoy their loveliness too! :)

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