Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today has been a day full of accomplishments. I have had many things on my "list" for quite a while that need to be done... I can be such a procrastinator.

I have had a peice of string stuck wedged in my ring for a few weeks ago. The hubs got out as much as he could, but I somehow managed to really mangle it in there. I have been meaning to stop by the jeweler for what seems like forever now to get it out. Finally made my way there today on my lunch break... and after removing said string, and some steaming, cleaning & polishing my rings are sparkly and shiny as ever. It's amazing how such a little thing like that can bring me such happiness. I think that the feeling that I get whenever walking into our jeweler's store just makes me happy-- that feeling of indescribable awkwardness, excitment, incredible love, and vulnerability from when we first went in to choose our wedding bands. I hope that feeling never goes away.

I also finally made my way to the drugstore to get my passport pictures taken, again! I have not yet updated my passport to my married name, and if I don't have the form sent in {with new photos- stupid!} by July 1st my passport is useless. So I have to make sure to get that sucker out in the mail tomorrow. Yikes.

I also made a few phone calls that I have been putting off, scheduled a few doctor's appointments, picked up prescriptions, and bought a birthday present. Whew! It feels so good to get things crossed off my list though. Now tonight after work I can just go home, slip on PJs and give myself a mani/pedi while watched dvr'd Denise Richards: It's Complicated with Guinness. {she can be a real biotch and full of crap, but I can't resist the raw, dramatic life of hers-- there is something about her that I admire, maybe her blunt honesty?; and her kids are adorable.} {photo via l.a. times.}

Oh Oh Oh, AND I got a presie today! I love presents and this one is pretty spectacular. A co-worker of mine just back from a trip to Paris. I was totally not expecting anything, but she is a sweetie and got a little something for all the ladies on our team. She brought me this gorgeous scarf {and a candle too!} Now let me say, that anything from Paris would be amazing to me, but this scarf is so gorgeous. These pictures no where near do it justice, I can't wait to wear it and tell everyone it's from Pari.

I'm also loving the wallapaper prints from Real Simple that decor8 plugged today. I have always loved the layouts and simplicity of Real Simple, and these are absolutely no exception. I already printed off several and they are hanging proudly in my cube.

Whew! Let me just say that I am so glad it is almost Friday. Sometimes I think that short work weeks seem to last longer than a regular work week. UGH.

Happy almost-Friday!

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kari said...

That scarf is beautiful!

alyssa said...

I can't stop watching Denise either! Gotta love when they spray tanned Irv :)
Have a good weekend!

leah @maritalbless said...

Your present is gorgeous - I can only imagine it in person!

You just made my day better by posting those real simple prints!