final installment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

#s 76-100.

76. Making up dance routines in my bedroom as a teenager.
77. Buying my first ever CD, Blur.
78. Making my first ever purchase via credit card and the adult-like feeling that overcame me- even though I was buying shoes, not very responsible!
79. College houseparties with my friends- without a worry in the world.
80. Having freshly-cut pink peonies in our house that we cut from our own backyard.
81. Making mix tapes for my friends.
82. Water gun fights with Brian.
83. Three way calls with my friends in high school.
84. Floating on an intertube in the ocean.
85. Going for a walk around the neighborhood with my family.
86. Getting my license in my new married name.
87. Mani Pedi's with all of my girls the day before our wedding.
88. 3 am Taco Bell runs.
89. "The Bachelor" nights in the dorms.
90. Camping trips with Lisa.
91. My first drink... some of my mom's Southern Comfort {I still hate it to this day}.
92. Racing to my parents house after my night class so I wouldn't miss a beat of GG.
93. Singing at the top of our lungs to "Fight For Your Right" blaring from the speakers with my mom and sisters.
94. My mom's grilled cheese sandwiches.
95. Visiting the ancient city of Tulum in Mexico and feeling out of body.
96. Watching Steel Magnolias and crying harder than I thought possible.
97. Seeing the finished product of our newly renovated kitchen after we had worked on it for a month.
98. Both of my bridal showers-- opening gift after gift and feeling so loved.
99. Walking into Lowe's and buying all new SS appliances for our house... that was cool.
100. Our going-to-bed routine every night {it's funnier now because Guinny knows exactly what to do when it's time for bed.}

{photo by alicia.}

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leah @maritalbless said...

I felt the same way at Tulum!