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Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't fret my wonderful readers... I am well and alive. I have spent the past three days soaking up what downtown Chicago has to offer! I had a business trip scheduled for this week for work in Chicago and returned home last night. Little did I know when making the three-hour drive to Chi-town that this would be a fun-filled adventure. My team of 5 other ladies and one lucky male were completely dumbfounded to find out that our boss had actually rigged up a fake agenda for our trip. The real agenda was given to us on the ride into town; consisting of a Chicago Cubs vs. Baltimore Orioles game {rooftop seats!!!!!!!!}; a chartered boat ride on Lake Michigan; shopping Woodfield Mall and Michigan Avenue; amazingly fancy dinners; Navy Pier; 96th floor of the Hancock building; and did I mention nightlife?!

Needless to say, she surprised us with a trip that she felt we deserved for our hard work; do you even need me to tell you that we took it? After the revised agendas were handed out; she also threw some gift bags at us-- each one containing quirky sunglasses and koozies for the boat ride, a piece of Cubs apparel suitable for each person, AND a $50 American Express gift card for shopping purchases. I was in heaven, and we weren't even there yet.

Here is the Cubs apparel I got in my bag!

A little piece of heaven on earth:

Me with my team in Wrigleyville:

Pre-gaming at Murph's complete with red jello shots:

View from our amazing rooftop seats:

Go cubbies!!! Here is a beautiful shot of the skyline from our boat:

My co-worker took this of me on the boat:

And another one of my favorite places on earth, Michigan Avenue:

And looky, looky here. You all know how much I love F21! This place was SO fricken huge, I was overwhelmed.

I walked out with only this in gold because I didn't have enough time to make through the racks. But it is amazing.

But don't worry, I made up for it when we hit up Woodfield on our way out of town with this and this {but mine is in a fab shade of red.}

There are a million other things that I see online that I want. Sadly, it will have to wait. I have a hard time shopping in their actual stores, I think it's the way they are laid out or something. But that $50 gift card sure came in handy!

Here is a shot from the "top of the Cock" aka the top of the Hancock building. So beautiful:

Harry Caray's:

And here's a cool shot from downtown at night. I'm not gonna lie... I partied it up. Nothing like vodka/redbulls all night when you're not paying. But I did make up for it the next day.

And here is one you will love. Too bad you will only ever see this glimpse. Only the persons there will know the full effect of that night:

Lou Mitchell's for breakfast:

All in all, a definite good time was had. I LOVE visiting Chicago, but everything there is expensive so I don't often get the chance. I definitely took advantage of this trip. :) Normal life resuming now.....

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Julia Goolia said...

I love Chi-town although I can't honestly say I'm a Cubbie fan, being from St. Louis and living in Milwaukee:) But great pictures!

And I think Cath is my favorite song from the new Death Cab album. Love it!

kari said...

One word: JEALOUS!! ;)

leah @maritalbless said...

How ridiculously awesome is your boss!

Love the pic from the Hancock building!

I've been lusting for the 2nd top from F21 for a while now! It's been in and out of my cart a million times!