Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm tired of:

I am listening to:
the national.

Maybe I should:

I wish:
for more money so that we didn’t have to wait.

I have lost my respect for:
rude people.

Right now I'm craving:

I will be a mother.

I will always remember:
our wedding day.

is hump day.

Waiting for:

is my friday.

I get annoyed:
when people are selfish.

Are you tired?
the rain is making me tired.

Are you wearing pajamas?
I wish.

Last beverage?

Last phone call?

Last time you cried?
sunday {watching A Feast of Love.}

Last hug:
hubby this morning.

Have you ever kissed a celebrity?
Garth Brooks kissed me on my cheek when I was five. ;)

Three favorite colors:
orange, purple, yellow.

Is there something you want to tell someone?
always be ready to have the time of your life.

I hope you enjoyed my random self-portrait above. I had my hair cut on my lunch break and wanted to share the new me. Evidentally I am not very good at taking pictures of myself, but you get the idea. I feel much lighter....

And since I had my camera handy, I thought I would also give you a glimpse into what I find myself staring at every day... my cubicle at work:

And another area of it... there are many other angles that I could show you, but I think you get my drift. As you can see it is plastered with photos, drawings, and sayings. Just how I like it.

And I also haven't had the chance to share my fabulous H&M purchase from our MN trip. Low and behold my favorite bag of the moment....

The pictures don't do it justice.. it is much less shiny in real life. I love it.

Currently listening to :: Little Razorblade by The Pink Spiders.


Kristy said...

We have the same exact lotion sitting in the same exact spots in our cubes :)

leah @maritalbless said...

Love the bag and the randomness! :)

kari said...

I love your cubicle, it's so cute and cheery. And I'm wanting your new bag, so cute!

Julia Goolia said...

H&M rules and I love the yellow bag!