Thursday, June 12, 2008

People say that copying is the greatest form of flattery, which is probably true. But it doesn’t change the fact that it irks me beyond belief. I am a firm believer that if you see or copy an idea from somewhere- that person’s creativeness should be recognized. I would never take a photo, a quote, an idea from someone without crediting them properly. And with that said- why on earth someone would want to carbon-copy someone else’s ideas is beyond me. What is the point in even trying to express yourself, if it’s not really yourself you are expressing??

Sorry for this tizzy… something in particular about this has just been irking me lately and I think that those responsible will now when reading this. And the thing that is really sad, is that this particular person I know in real life as well. Sad. And I guess this is a reminder to all you bloggers out there to make sure that you credit your ideas to who deserves the credit. Hopefully you wouldn’t steal someone’s ideas in real life and pass them off as your own, the blogging-world should be no different. So there is my rant for the day… back to regularly scheduled programming....

Despite my possibly-oblivious rant above, I really am feeling very happy today. I am loving life and these items at the moment….

How adorable is this top from F21?? I want it. {spied from Creature Comforts}.

And if you haven’t already heard, F21 has just released a new line called For Love 21 featuring all accessories.. it is phenomenal!

I love the window treatment that this young house has just created in their living room. I would love to something similar with our huge bay window!

This wallet at Urban Outfitters is calling my name… I love it! {and I hate being broke.}

My vintage Canon AE-1 {I love digital photography, but nothing compares to processed black & white film taken with this baby.}

I totally want the Wii Fit.

And on a much more serious and sad note, a tornado ripped through Iowa last night and devestatingly went right through a Boy Scouts campsite. You can read the article covered by CNN here. I absolutely cannot stop thinking about the poor boys and their families today and to be grateful for every second that I am given in this life. {photo from AP}

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kari said...

I totally understand your rant, I'm sorry it's happening :(. And on to other things, I'm in love with the wallet from Urban Outfitters, so cute!