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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Whew... lots to catch up on here. We spent the past four days in Michigan... camping. That's right- four straight days and three nights of full fledged, no electricity, portable potties & showers, air mattresses, tents and all, camping. This is an annual trip that we take with my family up to Michigan every Father's Day weekend to attend the Nascar race at Michigan International Speedway. It is always a blast, and this year was no exception. We spent our time talking and drinking around the campfire, meeting our favorite drivers, walking the village, attending Sammy Kershaw concerts, roasting in the sun, playing dominoes, and did I mention watching vehicles crash into each other going 180 miles per hour? Yes well, that too. {it will become blatantly obvious in the pictures to follow that we are die-hard Matt Kenseth fans.}

Here is my sister Kirby all decked out Kenseth-style on race day:

And my 16-year old sister Hollie at the race. As cool as she is, she can't hid that she's a Nascar lover. :)

And here's the hubby and I trying to beat the sun:

We have been fortunate enough to meet our favorite driver, Matt, several times. His hometown is Cambridge, Wisconsin which is not all too far from us. But we were lucky enough to meet him again this trip. Here is signing yet another one of Kirby's shirts. He can't resist the kids:

And here she is sporting it:

The race was great! SO exciting... lots of wrecks, running out of gas, and Matt had a great car! He finished 3rd and we were happy with that:

And we are enjoying the campfire:

It was a wonderful trip and I'm sure it will remain for many years to come. Of course we celebrated Father's Day while there on Sunday. My dad is such an amazing guy. He has always been there for me and truly means the world to me. I love you dad.

And now it's back to the real world {for a little while at least.} I am finally feeling like a normal human being again.... a real shower and bed will do that to you.

I've been trying to catch up on everything this morning, as yesterday I had an all-day meeting for work {just what I wanted to come home to.} But I'm finally getting a chance to catch-up today. Caught up on my Google Reader posts last night and stumbled upon some awesome stuff!

Chelsea {coincidentally} at frolic! posted this image from the Chelsea Flower Show in London. It was way too cute not to share. I have always been a fan of my name and thank my mom for it repeatedly. I think it would really stink to live your life with a name that you're not fond of. I will have to keep that in mind when naming our children...

I also stumbled upon this vintage etsy shop, thanks to for me, for you. So many pieces I want...

Julia featured this amazing little shop, curly girl design, featuring the most adorable cards, prints, etc!!! I cannot wait to order some.. they are just too adorable for words.

Jessica Claire showed off some amazing pieces that she recently scored at Old Navy. I am insanely jealous of her purchases... and so longing to hit up my local O.N. Unfortunately my checking account just can't handle it at the moment. Oh, how I long for this tank.

Oh, and more importantly, did you hear that One Tree Hill starts filming for season 6 TODAY!!!!! Whooo hooooo!!!!! Finally some spoilers will be lingering about to keep my mind in focus. I can't wait!!!!

It's been a very eventful few days to say the least.... As a side note, I just have to share how much I love my husband, yet again. I'm so sorry for all the mush- but this blog is an outlet for me to say what's on my mind and this is it. We have been dealing with some hard stuff lately, and he is just my rock. Nothing could ever be too terrible for me to deal with, as long as he is by my side. I truly could never have imagined being in a marriage as strong as what ours is today. And it makes me so incredibly happy that we have it. Okay, mush over!

I'm happy to report that it is already Wednesday and I'm halfway through my work week. I love short weeks! Brian's birthday is this Sunday and we are planning a party at the house on Saturday so now I have that to get ready. I'm still pretty beat from our last excursion, so I think that as long as the house is decent and there is plenty of booze- the party will be just fine. ;)

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Julia Goolia said...

I'm glad your trip went well, and that you guys are okay down there. It's pretty rough up here, too, but thankfully we are fine.

I'm glad you liked the cards! And to be linked in the same post as Jessica Claire? Wow.