Monday, December 31, 2012

well, 2012. let's see, 2012. this was a hard year for me. for us. a lot of difficult times, but good times too. though not quite the balance i would have hoped for. nonetheless, a lot of memories and a lot to be grateful. most importantly my precious baby nephew and godson that made it through a very turbulent first year of his life.

round-up of some of my favorite memories/posts from 2012:

i am ready now, more than ever, for the year ahead of me. 2013. twenty-thirteen. i am ready. i know what i want and i am going for it, full speed.

susannah's unraveling journal is always a real eye-opener for me. when i first embarked on this journaling experience last year, the word that i chose for the year was embrace. which proved to be a great choice given the challenges we were faced with. i returned to my word when i needed to and it was a welcome reminder, helping me to focus and embrace what the world brought to me.

this year... i am feeling a tad more aggressive. in a good way. my word for this new year is brave.


it's perfect and it's what i need to be and i'm ready.

as ready as i am for the year, new years eve and i do not have a good track record. in fact, we have the worst. tonight i am sitting at home, watching friday night lights and sipping sparking grape juice. my headache (now going on 48 hours) had different plans in mind than i did. but i suppose i don't mind. this juice does taste pretty good and bulldog cuddles on the couch are a pretty good way to embark on a new year, don't you think?

i usually try to steer away from resolutions, but this year i have some. and i'm really going for them. stay tuned.

happy new years eve, all. and welcome 2013!


[source: T/F]