Saturday, October 27, 2012

to be completely honest with you... there has never been another story of any kind that has meant more to me than the perks of being a wallflower. the novel released the summer before i started my first year of high school, and by some strand of luck, i stumbled across it and read it in one sitting.

it was the first time in my life that i felt like someone understood me completely.
i did not feel alone.
i did not feel scared.
when i was with charlie.

i read it again.
and then i read it again.
and then i read it a little more.
my mom can attest to this because even she,
after seeing my profound relationship with the story
and wondering why i carried it around with me in my backpack,
read it too.

it is now a staple in my family,
as both of my younger sisters
have created their own bond to the story.
this is something that we share,
and also something that is so entirely personal to me
that i am incapable of properly exclaiming my feelings about it.

i have had seven copies of the paperback novel in my life.
they are tattered and torn
and scribbled and doodled
and loved and cared for.
i have only three copies to myself today
which means that throughout the years,
i have left several of my oh-so-loved
books scattered around the world.

this both saddens me and thrills me.

it means that i thoughtlessly left something so important to me behind,
but i like to think that someone that needed it,
found it.
just as i did.
and that they needed it more than me at the time.

i play the one winter mix
for anyone that will listen.
even those who do not know the story,
or the meaning of the songs,
or why asleep plays twice,
love it.
and ask for copies to listen to it again.

i hope that some of you out there
have experienced this type of bond with a story like i have.
i can honestly say that this story has helped me through
some trying times in my life.

i can honestly say that this story has helped me through
even the ordinary days in my life.

this story, 
has become a part of who i am.
if you have not read it,
i hope that this love letter to stephen chbosky's wonderful mind,
is enough to convince you to do so.
i hope that it helps you
and you confide in it as i have.

it goes without saying that the recent release of the movie portraying the novel,
 has left me in a flurry of emotions.
as excited as i was about the news of the film,
i was equally as terrified that my beloved story would not be captured correctly.
as i saw it.
as i felt it.
so many details.

late last night, i sat down with my cherry coke and tissues and husband,
and we embarked on this part of the story together.
and it was beautiful.

the film is beautiful.
it is absolutely, entirely, everything that it could possibly want to be.
it is perfect.

it is a perfect portrayal of charlie's story.
and sam's. and patrick's.
and mine.

i am so thankful to have grown up with this story,
and to have always had charlie and co. to be there for me.

love always,

[sources: sprouted flowers; big river; teacupcakes; i like giants; we heart it; headfullofpotter; sia]


Kelly Ann Takes Photos said...

It's now on my to read list, thank you :)
I'm interested in the 'one winter' list, is it anywhere I could listen?

Kelly Ann Takes Photos said...

Thanks Chelsea its now on my to read list :)

What's the 'One Winter' mix?? I love finding and listening to new music. Is it on anywhere that I can listen???

Joi said...

Never read it but I feel like I must now. You truly have a way with words, dear!

Chelsea said...

Hi Kelly Ann! I hope that you read it and love it so much. And yes, here is a link to the One Winter mix "tape" on 8tracks:

Enjoy! Xo

Chelsea said...

Joi dear,

You MUST read it. Let me know what you think!!

And thank you!