sunday morning.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

i woke up very early this morning... relieved of my headache from the day before and so, so grateful. feeling light and happy already, i slipped out of the bedroom, leaving my boys to sleep in, and discovered that it had snowed overnight. and it was still snowing!! our very first snowfall of the season. just absolutely delightful. i have been waiting for this my friends. i turned on all of the christmas lights in the house (which is a lot), prepped some cinnamon rolls for the oven, put on my laura veirs record and happily organized my thoughts for the day.

anxious to go outside, i poured G's food (the only surefire way to get him out of bed) and excitedly put on my boots waiting for him to finish eating so we could venture out to the backyard... it's funny how the simplest things can make you so happy in your heart.

while there may be quite a few 'to-do's' on my list for this sunday, nothing can take away the pure joy of this morning.

both of my boys are awake now and the cinnamon rolls are calling my name......