Wednesday, December 26, 2012

through the clutter of all of the christmas movies we have been watching (aaaallllllllll the christmas movies) we have seen some real gems these past few weeks. movies that are still sticking with me and i find myself thinking about randomly... that's how good.

seeking a friend for the end of the world // this film is a GEM. it has everything that i love in a movie wrapped into one pretty package. humor, tragedy, love, loss, unexplained feelings, british accents, connie britton. one of my favorites that i have caught in a long while. [redbox]

the odd life of timothy green // we had been waiting to see this one for a while and it was well worth the wait. a truly heartfelt story that had me ugly crying in the first few minutes. a story for the hopeful and a movie that touched me deeply. [on demand]

hope springs // oh, this movie! i don't even have the words. a movie that every married couple should watch together. extremely funny, and heartbreaking and honest. i cried, laughed, swooned, blushed, loved. i swear, it even brought up talking points for us to discuss together afterward. so good and honestly heartfelt, plus the magical combination of meryl & tommy lee goes without saying. [redbox]

take this waltz // this movie has really stayed with me since watching. i find myself thinking about it still! it is haunting and imperfect and truly, truly special. i don't think a film has really resonated with me like this since melancholia. brilliantly written and crafted (sarah polley, so obviously). the acting couldn't have been better in my opinion. i never knew what margot (michelle williams) was thinking, i only knew what i was thinking. and the soundtrack.. oh my!! [netflix]

10 years // let's see.... channing tatum. jena dewan-tatum. rosario dawson. justin long. scott porter. ron livingston. brian geraghty. kate mara. yes, all of them plus more... seeing each other for the first time in years for their 10 year high school reunion. it is as brilliant as it sounds and one of those movies that you just want to keep going after it ends. definitely felt like part of their 'gang'. [redbox]

now i need some recommendations for more! happy watching all.

[seeking / timothy / hope / waltz / years]