and then it's the weekend.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

.and we go to the library.

.and we watch movies.
.and we go to bed early.
.and we wake up for coffee.
.and we drive through the snow-covered world.

.and we stop at pretty shops.

.and we drink sugar cookie lattes.
.and we hang out with peanut all day.

.and we celebrate birthdays.
.and we enjoy dinner with friends.
.and we clean the house all up.
.and we admire the pretty trees.

.and we relive memories past.
.and we snuggle.

.and we catch up with the dvr.
.and my sister gets to hold kellan for the first time.
.and the world is miraculous.
.and we take care of our sick puppy.
.and we have baby photoshoots with ms. hailey.
.and we capture the afternoon light.

.and we rest up for another week to come.



Anonymous said...

Well done bubbie, every moment of the week spent with my wife is amazing! Lalu :)