I daydream of... {part two}.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

napping underneath the giant willow tree in my backyard.

and journaling a poem at the corner bistro.

taking my children to the zoo and sailing under the stars.

sipping champagne on my 20th wedding anniversary and raising chickens in a coop.

photographing the mountains and writing letters in calligraphy.

ordering my lunch in French and writing lyrics to a sad song.

seeing the National perform live and meeting Bethany Joy.

riding my bicycle to the market and seeing my photographs on display.

filling up journals and picking names for our children.

making frosting with my grandmother and growing an avocado tree.

telling bedtime stories and buying a house in north carolina.

telling my family that I'm pregnant and a mint green bedroom.

driving to california and back and ranunculus bouquets.

perfect vintage pyrex and pastel floral dresses.

riding an elephant and going to baseball games with my nephew.

cuddling with my pup all day and a husband that does the dishes.*

backyard dinner parties and picking cherries.

houses covered in vines and foggy, frosty mornings.


*these are already a sweet reality.


Lindsey said...

Love this list, made me smile!!