Sunday, September 16, 2012

we had such a perfect day on saturday,
celebrating our wedding anniversary.
usually we don't make too big of a deal out of them,
but this one just felt special.
extra special.
i guess the five year increments just tend to seem like a bigger deal.

we enjoyed the heck out of the whole day.
remembering our wedding day
and reminiscing about our first five years of marriage.

and being a little goofy together too, obviously.
and cheesy and romantic and lovey and mushy.

perfect for us.
cupcakes and starbucks
convertible rides and running around the park with G
walks and story telling
naps and adventures
acorn collecting and river admiring
wearing out G and making kellan giggle
our favorite italian bistro and
perfect, perfect weather.
wedding candles still burning and
dancing to our first dance song.
being so in love and
blessed and lucky and grateful.

and brian spoiled me with a
gorgeous anniversary band that
i am so over the moon in love with
and glad to have a memory of this day forever.

can't wait for ten years baby.
thanks for the crazy ride.



Micaela said...

that is the most amazing gift!!! where oh where did your husband get it made?

happy anniversary to you lovebirds <3