a wonderful christmas time.

Monday, December 31, 2012

^^^ the previous week's blizzard graced us with a beautiful white christmas.

^^^ g helped me wrap and baby it was cold outside.

^^^ wrapping is always one of my favorite pleasures of christmastime.

^^^ kellan could not leave the presents alone for a second.

 ^^^ g taking in the aftermath and one of my favorite presents to give this year.

^^^ a picturesque christmas in the country and kicking around
in the snow with my favorite snow boots and new wool coat.

^^^ finally home to enjoy our own sweet little christmas together.

^^^ g exhausted and relaxing in his favorite spot as often as he could.

^^^ kellan making us smile while getting ready for church on christmas eve.

^^^ and of course, our obligatory 'he draws, i write' chalkboard
in the kitchen for the holidays.

i hope that your holidays were just as sweet.  lovechelsea