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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I have a feeling that my true excitement might not show through here because I am feeling so crappy today {sore throat, body aches, the works.} But last night's OTH absolutely rocked my world. Just ask my dog that saw me jumping up and down for practically an hour straight. It was by far my favorite episode of the season- I honestly don't even know where to begin....

-The entire introductory scene=AMAZING. I was crying and laughing at the same time, I swear.
-That Jamie was thinking about Chester with that smile on his face.

-Of course EVERYTHING Naley. I just can't get enough of them.
-Their opening scene was the most adorable thing ever.

-That Nathan thought "man, my girl is hot."
-Jamie & Quentin's rap with each other.
-Nathan's rap {if you can call it that} Absolutely adorable!

-Mouth and Milli moving in together.
-How Milli is so innocent and perfect for Mouth and doesn't even realize it.
-That Milli calls Mouth "Marvin".

-This entire elevator scene was pure genius, but the look that Nathan gave Lucas when the doors were closing was amazing. I love seeing Nathan be a man and standing up for his family. {SO HOT}

-That Brooke is getting a baby. {I think that the foster child, trial run is the perfect thing for her right now.} Her face here says it all.

-That Haley, Peyton and Brooke are so sweet together.
-That Brooke found a purple monkey.

-The entire Brucas scene-- too cute for words.
-Also the entire Brooke and Chase scene- they are so sweet together. {But I was bummed about the situation with Owen.}
-All of the father/son scenes with Nathan and Jamie.
-Peyton throwing all the other demos off her desk after Haley gave her hers.

-When Peyton ran into Lucas at the Scott's house.
-The fact that Peyton and Lucas finally had their first awkward conversation since the wedding- even if it was about Lindsey.

-I think they are doing a good job of portraying how Lucas is just sort of stuck after everything that happened.. he just kind of floated around this episode- which I think is how he should have been. He shouldn't be throwing his arms around Peyton already- that would just be unrealistic.
-The entire nanny-interviewing situation. Hilarious! But the best part was when Nathan made this face.. I was literally cracking up!

-Nathan and Haley are as strong as ever. I love seeing their daily encounters and just how cutesy they are together. They so genuinely want each other to be happy- I just can't get enough.

-The Mouth/Skillz scene when Mouth asks if Milli can move in. Too hilarious. Skillz didn't even finish getting out his request of Milli wearing a robe around before Mouth said no.
-And saving the best for last, hearing "Leaving Town Alive", one of Joy's real songs!!! Not to mention one of my favorites. I can't even imagine what my face must have looked like when I heard it. I seriously cannot believe that Haley is finally singing again on the show. You have no idea how much joy {pun-intended} this brings me.
-Haley singing to Jamie in the end of the episode... absolutely brilliant! I just see Joy and a guitar and my eyes swell with tears.

-Nathan bringing a beer for him and wine for Haley. {seriously- just seeing him do that sort of thing makes me hot.}
-Their new nanny.. YAY Deb is back!! I always loved Deb, even when she had her troubles. I would love to see "good" Deb back for good. I think she will be too.

-Naley forehead kiss.

-When Haley called Deb "mom."
-Nathan standing in the doorway in the end, watching his entire life. :)

Some things that suck:
- I hated how Quentin treated Nathan in the gym. Nathan literally looked almost like he was crying. It sucked and I hated it, but I am hoping that Nathan needed it to get his game face back! - I feel bad for Dan. I know that everything he did is his fault and he deserves what he is getting. But you can't help but feel sorry for the guy. I can't imagine it being any different though at the same time.
- Skills the entire episode mad me sad. First in the gym when Nathan or Jamie barely noticed him. And then his sad face as Jamie walked away. I think he is still feeling the guilt of Jamie being kidnapped. And then again in the end when Quentin went off on him- I was glad to see him stand up for himself though. I heart Skillz.
- Quentin crying because of his hand.

If you are still with me, congratulations you are a true OTH fan. =) Can't wait for next week!!!

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Chris | Team Sea-Squared said...

I'm still with ya! Ditto to everything you said - I couldn't have said it better myself (and this is why I don't even try to blog about OTH each week...I let you have the honors). I looooved this episode so much.

bryn alexandra said...

I've never seen any other seasons but this one, and I LOVE this show! I def need to rent them. But wow you nailed it, great re-cap!

Chelsea said...

Thanks ladies! I'm glad that you enjoy the recaps and my thoughts on the episodes. I have been a fanatic for a while. I am aware that it has turned into an obsession, but I have accepted that! :) Can't wait for next week!!