TAG {I'm it!}

Friday, April 11, 2008

The fabulous bryn has just tagged me with the abcs. Here goes:

A: Attached or Single? Attached to my husband and very much enjoying our time as newlyweds.

B: Best Friend? Hollie. Caitlin. Stacey. Jennifer. Missy. :)

C: Cake or Pie? cake, no question.

D: Day of Choice? Saturday.

E: Essential Item? Moto Rokr.

F: Favorite Color? orange and purple; but I love to decorate with blues & greys.

G: Gummy Bears or Worms? bears.

H: Hometown? small town Iowa girl.

I: Indulgence? one tree hill.

J: January or July? July!

K: Kids? we can't wait to have children; but for now we are enjoying our time as young newlyweds and taking care of our "baby" Guinness.

L: Life isn't complete without? my family and friends; but tivo doesn't hurt either.

M: Marriage date? 9.15.07

N: Number of brothers and sisters? 2 sisters.

O: Oranges or apples? oranges.

P: Phobias and fears? losing my loved ones; and heights & small spaces.

Q: Quote? Always be ready to have the time of your life.

R: Reason to smile? rainy sundays. babies' soft skin. the beach. tv on dvd. ice cream. getting a letter in the mail. hot baths. snuggling. coffee. music. life. sunflowers. and many more...

S: Season of choice? fall.

T: Tag three people? Kristal, Leslie, and Joi.

U: Unknown fact about me? I am an old soul. I have absolutely no problem staying in every night with my husband and just hanging out with friends and family. I have always been one step ahead of where I should be in life, and I'm okay with that. :)

V: Vegetable? broccoli.

W: Worst habit? swearing. {and I'm not good with the phone calls either Bryn!}

X: X-ray or Ultrasound? ultrasound.

Y: Your favorite food? Italian anything {pasta, bread, pizza, bruschetta...}

Z: Zodiac sign? Pisces.

Currently listening to :: Waking Dream by Natalie Walker.


Kristy said...

Our "U"s would be exactly the same- nothing wrong with being a young old fogey! :)