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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I was pleasantly surprised with the episode last night. Not too much drama going on… overall a very pleasant, laid-back episode. It was fun to see everyone together for Jamie’s birthday… he is just by far the cutest kid ever, so it makes sense that he would be Naley’s. I was very happy to see Naley in their daily grind- everything seems to be going great for them and I am so happy.

Dan is starting to annoy me…. He keeps trying to weasel his way in. I was feeling sorry for him at first, but after his confrontation with Deb, and remembering the way he talks to people- I just can’t handle him. I am glad that Nathan didn’t let him near the party. And about this whole dying thing… I honestly don’t know if I believe him. It sounds like something that Dan would pull just so that people will talk to him again. On another note, I am sick of Lucas and Lindsey already. I agree that they needed to accurately portray Lucas’ broken heart and that IRL people wouldn’t move on so easily either- but I’m just sick of it and sick of her. Not that she really ever did anything wrong, but she just annoys me. I hope that this was the last of her and the push that Lucas needs to get over her soon.

Speaking of Lucas, how cute was Brucas and Angie last night? I adored their scenes together! I’m sure that Brucas fans are going crazy today, but I really think that it was nothing romantic between them… just a really great friendship that they have been building on for years—being there for each other. It was sweet. And of course I love seeing Brooke with baby Angie.. I am glad that she is realizing that it’s not all cute and fun. I also loved the Haley and Lucas scenes that we got. I love seeing their friendship and was so happy to see Haley being for Lucas as always. Their friendship seems so real and down-to-earth to me. {And OMG, how cute was Haley's hair last night?? I loved it!}

I was also so happy that Skillz talked to Naley and to hear Naley’s reaction to Skillz. He is so great with Jamie and I truly adore their friendship. Watching them play the Wii was too cute. It was killing me seeing Skillz all upset about it.

As for Peyton, I liked her conversations with Skillz and I loved the ending scene with her and Haley at the piano. I just hope that she can hang on… I know that Lucas will come around. I think she is doing all the right things now and I was glad that she confronted Lindsey instead of just ignoring her—which she could have easily done.

In any event, I thought the episode was nicely done and a little more light-hearted which I know I was happy to see. Oh, but Deb with the clown=gross. That freaked me out. HaHa. It was pretty funny how Mark tied that in with Haley’s fear of clowns though!

"Sometimes when you’re young, you think nothing can hurt you, it’s like being invincible. Your whole life is ahead of you and you have big plans, BIG plans. To find your perfect match, the one that completes you, but as you get older you realize it’s not always that easy, it’s not until the end of your life that you realize the plans you’ve made were simply plans. Because at the end when you’re looking back instead of forward, you wanna believe you made the most of what life gave you, you wanna believe that you’re leaving something good behind. You want it all to have mattered."

And if you’re interested.... The James Lafferty One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game was last week and OTH Blog has a ton of pictures of videos of the event {including a shirtless James Lafferty- yes, I’m serious; Bethany Joy singing the National Anthem- yes, I’m serious again; Jackson Brundage doing the Souljah Boy dance; and much, much, more.} Definitely worth checking out!

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