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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am a list maker. My friend Stacey reminded me of my dorkiness yesterday. Dorkiness=I make lists for everything. I love making lists and I feel so stressed and disorganized if I don’t. I make a list at work of everything I need to do that day. I make a list every morning of what I need to personally get done that day. I make grocery list, shopping lists, Web site lists, packing lists, wish lists, everything lists! I am currently making a packing list for a vacation that is 5 weeks away… yes, I’m serious! Oh if only the rest of my life was as organized as my lists. Nevertheless, here is a LIST of some of the exciting things that we have planned for our summer:

1. Spending a week in a cabin by the lake {fishing, swimming, tanning, drinking, eating, sleeping, etc.}
2. Death Cab For Cutie concert!
3. NASCAR race.
4. Party for Brian’s birthday.
5. 4th of July {this is a very big celebration for us!}
6. Tom Petty concert!
7. Canoe/Camping trip.
8. Party for Guinness’ 1st Birthday!!
9. Spending a week in Fort Myers Beach {my favorite place and where Brian proposed to me… very special place for us.}

This Summer=Amazing.

Interestingly enough, Kristal commented me yesterday and said that I should make a LIST of all of my favorite places to shop! Since Kristal asked me to, I can’t say no. ;) Low and behold:

1. Anthropologie {I love everything in this store—clothes, home goods, accessories—I wish I could have every little thing; $$$.}
2. Urban Outfitters {I adore all of their clothes and they have the coolest home accessories and neat little books and retro stuff.}
3. Forever 21 {VERY affordable, up-to-date, stylish clothes & accessories; I constantly have a shopping cart on their site.}
4. Target {What’s not to love? I have tons of clothes, bags, shoes, home d├ęcor, and even furniture from the fabulous Tar-Jay—my favorite one-stop shop.}
5. Macy’s {My favorite place for bags and shoes, and of course they have fabulous clothes as well.}
6. Etsy {I am a very big supporter of buying homemade things and this site is a gem!}
7. H&M {very affordable, often designer basic pieces of clothing and accessories- you can’t go wrong here.}
8. Pottery Barn {I adore the furniture and home accessories that PB has to offer; I get a lot of basic, everyday items from them because their quality is outstanding- dishes, linens, pillows, etc. And their catalogs are some great inspiration.}
9. Old Navy {I have been so impressed with Old Navy lately, they are really keeping up with the times and offer incredibly affordable and chic pieces of clothing.}
10. Piperlime {my favorite new site for buying shoes & handbags—free shipping, even on returns, and I just love the way that they categorize their shoes.}
11. BrocadeHome {I just recently discovered the wonders of this Web site; a cross between Anthropologie and PB—DELIGHT.}
12. American Eagle {This store was a staple for me throughout high school and college- I have begun to outgrow it’s preppy, teenager looks- but they are definitely trying to keep up with the times- I have gotten some really great pieces from them lately.}
13. Whiteport {everything on their site is white—I have really been into shabby chic, eclectic pieces and styling lately and this site has captured that at its best.}
14. Fred Flare {very quirky and fun accessories here for almost anything that you can think of… I have so much fun browsing their goodies.}
15. IKEA {Of course Ikea has to be on my list… I love them for their stylish, simple, and affordable pieces for your home… we have a ton of pieces from Ikea and have been 100% satisfied with all of them.}

I have a ton of other places that I love to browse as well… it is nearly impossible for me to name them all, but here are a few more {Ruby Republic; Pears and Bears; Martin + Osa, dELiA*s; J.Crew; Compendium Incorporated; NoiseBot, Shop Intuition.} I also just love browsing my favorite blogs and finding what pieces inspire them- I have found a lot of great products this way. And I love to check out the flea markets, antique shops, and restoration warehouse in my local area as well.

Spring is in the air, because my entire current wishlist is white and cream:

I will also be adding a LIST of my favorite Etsy sellers to the sidebar of the blog.


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Kristy said...

I am a list-addict as well! I even seek out pretty notepaper so my lists will be all fancy :). Are you a planner-addict too? I love pretty, well-put-together day planners... I have like 3 from Franklin Covey (via Target!)
I am such a dork...

Anonymous said...

Yay for lists! I make lists for everything too. Nothing feels better than crossing things off the list! And I'll be sure to check out all those links. ;)

Kristy said...

OK i'm going to further geekify myself- what font is that list in?? I love it!

Chelsea said...

No problem dear! I completely understand the longing for an amazing font. This one is my favorite... it's called 'complete in him' and I downloaded it from