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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So our weekend started out great. All of our friends were in town and we were having an absolute blast partying with them all weekend. I was still a bit under the weather with my head cold- but mainly it was just that I couldn’t talk very well because of my sore throat. Well on Saturday my restlessness caught up with me and I ended up getting the flu on top of everything else. NOT FUN. If only I would have listened to my own advice on Friday and slowed down. I like to think that if I would have given my body the proper time and rest it needed to recover I might have spared myself, but in all reality I probably had the flu germs way before the symptoms actually showed up. In any event, the rest of the weekend was absolutely not pleasant, so it was a good thing I enjoyed myself before getting sick.

Today I am finally on the flip side of things. Still a few symptoms hanging around for longer than I would like, but I am back to functioning normally and working. Yay me. I am glad that I am back to my normal self today or all day’s though, because today is the very day that the hubby and I starting dating 8 years ago. April 29, 2000… can you believe it? Honestly… sometimes it seems like forever ago and that I have known Brian for so long, but other days it feels like just yesterday. I am a tad sad that we really aren’t full-out celebrating today like we have for the past 8 years- I guess getting married and having a new anniversary to celebrate kind of defeats the purpose. HaHa. But we are planning on having a nice dinner at home together and watching a movie—that is good enough for us. And just because I am in such a good mood today, here are a few pictures of the Mr. and I from our EARLY dating days. So sweet.

High School days:

Sophomore year Homecoming:

Christmas 2002:

Freshman year Homecoming:

Senior year Prom:

So many memories. :) And what's really funny is that all of those photos are scanned in, thus pre-digital cameras. Crazy.

In other news, Brian and I officially starting looking for a new vehicle over the weekend as well. YIPPIE! {obviously this was before the flu attacked me.} We have been wanting to get an SUV for quite some time, but we are keeping all of our options open. We found one that we are quite fond of so far... the Ford Edge. It is a Crossover which is apparently all the rage... a crossover between a car and an SUV. The advantage of this particular one is that insurance companies recognize it as a car {i.e. cheaper for insurance} and it gets very good gas mileage. This is great since these were our two main concerns with an SUV. Did I mention that it is ADORABLE?

I seriously LOVE it. Right when we laid eyes on it, Brian said how he could just see me driving it. HaHa. He's too cute. But really, I totally can too. HaHa. The one we are eyeing is a 2007 in a dark charcoal color- LOVE it. And of course it helps my decision-making process that the genious advertisers at Ford decided to use one of my favorite songs by Band of Horses to endorse this nifty CUV. {see, I'm learning the lingo already.}

Another great thing about today..... 27 Dresses comes out on Bluray today! Yay. I hope that TarJay has some copies left when I hit them up on my lunch. :) That movies is too adorable not to own. And of course Katherine Heigl is my favorite.

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Sarah said...

Those high school pictures are hilarious! We have very similar ones, thanks to the "wedding photo montage" and uploading all of them.