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Monday, April 14, 2008

This weekend FLEW by! I honestly cannot believe that it's already over, Boo! In any event, it was a good one. We spent most of the day Saturday driving. All through Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota- it was quite the adventure-- along the most gorgeous highway I have ever been on in my life. I truly didn't feel like I was anywhere near my home. This highway went all along the Mississippi river the entire way, along vast hills still covered in snow at the top-- truly incredible. I am sad to say that I do not have a picture to share, but I felt like I crusin along the California coast. :) I do however have some incriminating shots of Guinness snoring against the passenger side door, I will have to upload those. But we got the car, and made it home just in time to surprise my mom with her incredible new Ford Mustang convertible. Needless to say, she LOVED it.

By the time we got home and saw her reaction we had to speed out to the movie theater to meet Andrew and Stacey to see 21. Any movie that I can stare at Jim Sturgess' gorgeous face for 123 minutes is time well spent.

It did however have a very good plot as well. :) Brian enjoyed the movie too, so Sturgess must not have been the only thing keeping it alive. Brian and I have always been a big fan of Kevin Spacey and he was great in this one! Very well done. We really enjoyed the movie, however I have heard that it's not as good as the book, Bringing Down The House, so I will have to check that out as well. But I do believe that the lingering image of Jim's face will sway me toward the film instead.

On Sunday we spent the day with my parents and siblings to celebrate mi madre's birthday. It was nice to just relax and hang out with them. :) But we failed to get anything done around the house which hurts me! Gosh, I am so old! It was also SUPER nice to have a new episode of Desperate Housewives last night. I feel like it has been forever since catching one of those! It was good, but defintely not what I would have expected for such a long hiatus.

I am EXTREMEMLY excited for OTH to come back tonight though!! They have only been out for a few weeks, but it has felt like an eternity! If you haven't already checked out the OTH blog I have on my favorites list, you defintiely should! Some good previews there. Ahhh... can't wait!!

HAPPY MONDAY!! {Hey, 5 days til the weekend, countdown is on!}

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I loved sitting down to watch a new DH episode, but I have to agree - I expected more out of their first episode back.

Julia Goolia said...

Wait, what highways is beautiful in Wisconsin? I think the drive from here to STL is god awful boring, but I'm an old bitter hag by now:)

And I love that Death Cab song!

Chelsea said...

Julia, it's highway 35! It runs along the Mississippi all the way up Wisconsin. Gorgeous!