i'm late.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

But we had a great weekend! We went out Friday night with some friends- drank way too much. Which leads me to our uneventful, useless Saturday- because I felt too crappy to do anything but lay on the couch & watch movies.

Saturday night we caught Smart People with Andrew and Stacey, followed by some Olive Garden. The movie was very cute—kind of a make-you-think-about-your-life-and-if-you’re-happy-sort-of-way? I found it inspiring and was happy to leave the theater feeling completely satisfied with my life.

Sunday we were on a mission… a mission to get things done around the house. I can really tell that I am getting old, because if a weekend goes by that we don’t do anything around the house- I feel really shitty about it. :-/ In any event.. we got plenty done:

-Woke up super early and started power cleaning!
-Once everything was neat and tidy I got two coats of primer on the desk that I have been meaning to paint for weeks.
-Finally had a beautiful day, so were able to get out our patio set, grill, chaise loungers- everything! Got everything nice and cleaned up and set up on the back deck. Who hoo!
-Set up the PS3 to wireless Internet. Yes, I’m sure that this may not seem like a task to you- but it has been on my agenda for weeks. My husband whom I love dearly wants to be able to play his video game against others online. Please don’t judge him from this. HaHa. No, it’s okay- you can. It turned out to only take me a few seconds and I quite enjoyed surfing the Web on a 50” screen.
-Gave Guinness a day-long workout. After cleaning the house in the am, Brian mentioned taking Guinness for a walk later. Well Guinness isn’t stupid- he HEARD the word “walk” and immediately starting whining and grabbing at his leash—place walk #1 here. He later got another workout following us from the garage to the back deck 10 times while we lugged up all of our outside furniture.
-Right when we finished that- my sister stopped over and wanted to take Guinness for a walk. I’m not kidding- that by the time they got back- I didn’t think he was going to make it to his water bowl. He was pooped—but this was very good for him! Haha. He passed out underneath the kitchen table a few moments later… his bed must have been too far for him. Needless to say, he slept the rest of the night.
-I made lasagna for dinner. Not just any lasagna- my uncle’s recipe that has been in the family for years and years. And the kicker—it turned out great!! It’s always great when my mom and other relatives make it, but I have very low hopes for my cooking abilities. So I was extremely please when it turned out so great and we were able to enjoy a lovely Sunday dinner.

{Funny side note- while I was painting said primer on the desk, hubby’s job was to watch Guinness so that he didn’t come barging in. All was well and they were having fun watching me—I kid you not, seconds after I gave him a hard time for “working” so hard, my roller make a high-pitched squeaky noise and Guinness came darting toward me. It all happened so fast, by the time Brian reacted he literally picked Guinness up out of the paint tray after he had already knocked over the can. AHHH! His paws were FULL of paint and paint was all over the hardwood floors. It was just so funny though that we couldn’t help but laugh.-- pictures to come.}

He was cowering in the bathtub covered in white paint because he thinks he’s in trouble. How could I punish him though? He came running to make sure the big, bad roller wasn’t hurting his momma?!

And of course, getting new episodes of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters was amazing too… I miss those Sunday nights.


Lisa said...

I am definitely anxious for the "dog in paint" pictures. Too funny :).