i {heart} netflix.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I honestly don't think I could live without Netflix. We are constantly watching movies, sending them back, rotating our queue-- I love it! I am always interested in movies that other people enjoy and then I like to watch them for myself and compare notes. And as much as I love getting the new releases the day they come out in the mail and keeping up to speed- I LOVE watching my old favorites over and over again, as many times as I want. Our queue is always a mix among old favorites, new ones to see, and recommendations. The Friends feature is always pretty neat because you can see what your friends have at home and what they rate movies, as well as their comments. Anyway, here is the top 10 on my queue today...

Did I mention that plans are as cheap as $5 a month!? Nowadays that is about ONE rental from Blockbuster... it is a no brainer!! And there is no due dates, no late fees, nada! You can do it anyway you please! Right now we have Enchanted and Hairspray at home. We watched Enchanted last night and it was very cute!! I would recommend it and getting to stare at Patrick Dempsey for two hours doesn't hurt too bad either.

They also have a new feature that some movies are available to watch instantly online! I haven't tried this out yet, but I have heard very good things.

Anyway, if you haven't joined the rest of the planet yet and joined Netflix, you are truly missing out.

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