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Monday, April 21, 2008

Not my favorite day, but this new image from Alicia Bock makes me happy inside. And so do these 100 random facts about me. Thanks for the idea Shireen.

1. I was born in 1985.
2. I have moved many times since then, but have always lived in the same town.
3. I have two younger sisters.
4. Next Tuesday marks 8 years that my husband and I have been together.
5. I love coffee. {when I go to bed at night I actually try to fall asleep faster just thinking about the next mornings cup of joe.}
6. I love birds.
7. I love listening to them in the morning when I’m still laying in bed.
8. I love to read.
9. I love my family.
10. I have the world’s greatest friends.
11. Coca-Cola Classic from a fountain is my favorite.
12. I get excited every time we receive a Netflix in the mail- it’s one of my favorite luxuries.
13. I love breakfast foods.
14. I need fresh air.
15. I actually get depressed in the Winter.
16. I am instantly happier just from being with my dog.
17. I am married to my very best friend.
18. We are constantly goofing around and laughing with each other.
19. We began dating as freshman in high school.
20. I was 15.
21. He was 16.
22. We went to different high schools.
23. But in the same town.
24. He proposed to me in May of 2006.
25. I had one year of college left.
26. 2007 was the biggest year of my life.
27. I was editor of my college newspaper.
28. And magazine publication.
29. Planning our September wedding.
30. And we bought a house that June.
31. It was the best year of my life.
32. Our favorite restaurant is Cannova’s.
33. Going out for dinner and a movie is my favorite thing to do.
34. I love photography.
35. Taking it.
36. Appreciating it.
37. Studying it.
38. I love shopping.
39. Sometimes I spend way too much.
40. But I have gotten much better at this.
41. I write lists for everything.
42. I love music.
43. The right song can get me through anything.
44. And it has.
45. I have such an appreciation for music.
46. And when I’m driving alone in my car, I really try to sing.
47. I have no idea how I sound.
48. I love being married!
49. My husband is the most selfless person I have ever met.
50. I know that he would give up anything to make me happy.
51. I am happy to say that I would do the same.
52. Audrey Hepburn is my icon.
53. I try to be positive about everything.
54. But I also can be stubborn.
55. I love mittens.
56. Death Cab For Cutie is my favorite band.
57. I have many life-long friends.
58. The beach is my favorite place to be.
59. TV on DVD is the best thing ever.
60. One Tree Hill, Gilmore Girls, The OC, The Office, My-So Called Life & Seinfeld are my favorites to watch.
61. I love the smell of old books.
62. And being barefoot.
63. I love football Sunday’s.
64. I love sunflowers.
65. And orchids.
66. Anthropologie is my favorite store.
67. Target and Urban Outfitters are right behind it.
68. I love playing in Photoshop.
69. And graphic design.
70. I love maps.
71. Especially old, vintage ones.
72. Sherbert ice cream is my favorite.
73. I love really old love movies.
74. Our wedding day was honestly the best day of my life.
75. I can’t imagine doing anything differently.
76. I have always wanted a brother.
77. I love having TWO brothers-in-law.
78. A soundtrack can totally make a movie for me.
79. The color orange makes me happy.
80. I love being a homeowner.
81. Even thought it really makes me act like an adult.
82. It is worth it.
83. I love browsing flickr.
84. I feel like I can really get to know someone through their art.
85. I am trying to be more green.
86. My favorite is with method products.
87. And Chicobags.
88. One of my favorite things ever was my bridal bouquet.
89. It was perfect.
90. I wish I could have kept it alive forever.
91. Seattle, WA is my favorite city that I have been to.
92. I felt so comfortable with myself there.
93. I could never watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s too many times.
94. Or Juno.
95. Or The Way We Were.
96. Lorelai is one my favorite names for a girl.
97. Yes, I first heard it on GG.
98. But I think we want Haley Joy to be our first girl’s name; hopefully.
99. Which we really love also.
100. I have babies on the brain. :)

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Kristy said...

loved this! I'm stealing your idea :)

Mrs.French said...

I saw this photo today and have been debating on whether I should add it to the collection...thanks for the 100...I think I like you.

leah @maritalbless said...

What a beautiful photo! Definitely helps get through a Monday!

You are too cute with your facts.

alyssa said...

Hi! Poppin' in to say hi :)

-makena (from the nest)
aka alyssa