Monday, August 31, 2009

since my life is a lot less crazy these days,
i am getting back into the routine of setting monthly goals.
however, this time i am expanding it for just autumn in general.
because i'm looking forward to a stress-free, laid back, relaxing life these next few months.

.my autumn list.

visit an apple orchard.
and take photos of my sisters there.
go on a hayride.
take hollie's senior pictures.
make some good dinners.
watch lots of football.
organize my life.
paint our outside railing.
hopefully purchase a new vehicle.
drink cider beer.
celebrate a blessed wedding.
and another one.
cuddle up with lots of tea.
display my polaroids.
get my flickr up to date & organized.
carve a pumpkin.
celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary.
and lots of birthdays.
add lots of updates to my shop.
paint my kitchen door a pretty color.
bake a pie.
buy vintage cowboy boots.
read, read, read.
learn to crochet {someone wanna teach me?}
watch good tv shows.
dress G up for halloween.
wear my purple suede flats.
perfect my cupcake-baking abilities.
be happy.

... starting now.


{pretty picture from here}.


Lindsay said...

oh how i love fall!!! your list makes me soooo happy for cool weather!!

leah @maritalbless said...

That image is BEAUTIFUL! I love your list.