Thursday, August 13, 2009

i forgot how exhausting it is working full-time.
4 months of unemployment sure did spoil me.
now I'm trying to cram everything in...
working 8 hours a day, managing a household,
& did I mention trying to edit all of the photo sessions I have been taking.
yea, it's not exactly a life of leisure.
but hey, I'm not complaining.

here is what my new, awesome life as a career-woman is like so far:

01. i thought I was drinking more coffee when I was at home all day long.
i am drinking entirely too much coffee these days.
oh well.

02. my office is very casual dress which is so awesome.
jeans and a t-shirt most days for this girl.
however, I have been switching it up with some cute tops and heels as of late...
i can however forsee this excitement wearing off soon.
but I'm already looking forward to fall and being able to
actually wear clothes that I like to work!
what a novel idea...
blazers and boots and ruffly scarves, oh my!

03. i have an office, which is definitely a step up from my cubicle at my last job.
but not only is it a big, spacious, and private office-
it is
soooooo cute!
makes it nice to come in every morning.

04. there is a Wii room in our office.
yep, that's right.
an entire room dedicated to the Wii and our collection of games.
and some pretty kick ass bean bag chairs too.

05. i love working with design again.
most days I really can't believe that what I do all day long is considered work?!

06. Guinness can come with me to work!

07. afternoon tea runs {everyday}.
enough said.

08. the air hockey table in the breakroom.
good times.

09. the responsibility.
yep, you read that right.
i won't lie- responsibility can be stressful.
but it's so worth it to actually know that what you are doing matters.
i've struggled with that in the past
& i know that i won't here.
that is huge for me.

10. my income.
haha. sorry, that's a pretty obvious one.
but one that i will never overlook again after loosing my previous job.

11. i am located in extremely convenient proximity to:
a} my favorite used book store.
b} realllly good pizza.
c} my bank, which comes in handy.
d} aaron & kathy's house- it's literally a block away.
e} a skating rink- i am really excited about this one.

sounds pretty awesome, right?
yep it really is.
hey- work hard, play hard, right?

i can't remember the last time that i have actually
been excited to wake up in the morning,
get ready and go to work.
& not just for the fun stuff either
{although that's pretty darn great}.
i actually like what i'm doing!

it is a wonderful thing.

thank you everyone for supporting me during my down time.
it was much-needed & appreciated more than you could know.
here's to hoping this feeling lasts.




Amy said...

that is so great for you!

im jealous about the casual work wear, the wii room, and being able to bring g to work...

Kristy said...

Lucky girl!! Its always amazing to me that people could actually LOVE going to work... maybe I need to re-evaluate my situation :)

Julia Goolia said...

so happy for you! but yes, working full time and having other hobbies on top of it is exhausting!