Friday, August 14, 2009

reason # 862 why i love summer:
the sunflowers that overtake our backyard.

doing the dishes is so much more delightful
when you can gaze out the window at these babies.
i love them.

sadly, these are the last images that i captured
with my rebel xsi before it clunked out on me.
{the autofocus went completely dead}.
it was a sad, sad day.
i am sending it to canon on monday
+ hopefully it won't take long to fix.

in the meantime,
i just ordered a crapton of polaroid film
to get me through.
i am pumped.

happy, happy friday.




Kristin said...

Where did you order Polariod film from? I have been dying to find my parents old Polariod camera after you posted pictures of the 2 you found while antiquing!!

Chelsea said...