Wednesday, August 12, 2009

my favorites of today.

01. jamming out to arcade fire + the national + grizzly bear + beirut.
02. running to the used book store on my lunch & scoring some great finds.
03. the sweetest e-mails & comments from people who like my photos.
{seriously brings tears to my eyes}.
it amazes me how kind some people are.
04. feeling really grown up in my new office at work.
and that it is decorated beyond awesome.
05. looking forward to a weekend all about husband & i.
06. my delicious caramel machiatto from this morning.
07. everything about the above outfit from sea of shoes.
08. affordable Lizzie Fortunato. i want want want the bracelet!
09. my sunroof. summer just wouldn't be the same without it.

that is all.



Kristy said...

Ok, now I want to see pics of the new office!!

Chelsea said...

I will take some soon Kristy! :)