Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.lovely things.
{that i feel like sharing with you today}.

radiohead has released a new song {for free!}. oh how i love them.

i love marisa tomei {almost more than george costanza does}.

i think i need to start watching mad men.

i'm so excited that they finally set a release date for
new york, i love you.
october 16th, here i come!!

i really want to buy this ring.

i'm excited to get my rolls of film developed tonite.

i am going to make my own bookplate.

this is amazing:

i can't stop listening to the pains of being pure at heart.

i want to find a good recipe for fried ice cream.

i am honored that riz at chasing dreams thinks so highly of my photos.
thank you for your kind words riz.

i am very excited for polaroid notes.

and we are yet another step closer toward
getting a new car. hooray!

that is all.



Kristy said...

You are so freaking cute and wonderful! Your comment made my week! :) We are SO far-away BFFs....
As as say to my in-person friends, You are the jam!