Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's officially september.
which means it's officially my favorite time of the year.
which also means,
i'm having an end of summer sale in the shop!

.all prints are half off.




Anonymous said...

I just bought two. :)

They will be the perfect companions to the one I won. I can't wait to hang them in the nursery!

Diana said...

How long will this go on for? I want to do a sponsor profile on you! I can't wait to show you off :)

Oh! Did you get my email?

Unknown said...

Thanks for the purchase Kristal. You have no idea how flattering it is that you are using them in your nursery! Ah! I can't wait to see!

Diana- I'm not sure how long I will continue with the sale.... I will keep you posted for sure though. I'm thinking at least a few weeks???
And I just wrote back to your e-mails! Sorry I just saw them!

Thanks ladies.

konstantine said...

these are all amazing! i love autumn as well, it's the most beautiful time of year.