Thursday, August 20, 2009

i am learning a lot today...

i am learning that.....

.it's not that easy to take a polaroid of yourself.
.and you will wind up looking really stupid.
.but you won't care.
.that i really love my new bangs {again}.
.that buying a new car makes my heart race.
.that you can lose your life at any second.
.that your heart always knows a true friend from a foe.
.that nice neighbors are worth gold.
.that my husband really is the sweetest.
.that my hair won't hold curls in the summer.
.that getting a good customer service rep is pure magic.
.that i love wearing fuschia lipstick.
.that kathy is sweeter than the sweet tea she just brought me at work.
.that life can be very stressful.
.that i have to remember to b r e a t h e.