Tuesday, August 25, 2009

lately has been bad.
just one thing after another for us.
nothing terribly major, but just enough to keep us on edge.
we didn't get the car.
we got screwed out of the cash for clunkers
deal at the last minute.
it was very disappointing.
we did however fall in love with the car.
so we are still going to get it,
just not for a while.

our next door neighbor died.
very suddenly & it's been very sad on our street.
we've been doing what we can for his wife
& attending the services
& hanging out with the family.
it's so surreal when you are used to seeing someone everyday
that you don't even really think twice about it
& then poof, everything changes.
he was a very nice man,
and a dear friend to us.
he loved Guinness and spent lots of time
outside hanging out with him.
we will never forget him.

and a complete list of many other things
that just wouldn't work out in our favor
that i could bore you with...
but i'm trying to move on.
last week sucked.
which leaked into our sucky weekend.
but we are over it.

we did manage to have a good saturday,
despite everything around us.

we got up early & went to farmers market
with mom, hollie, danny & kirby.
we went to our favorite little nearby town.
and perused the shops all afternoon.

and ate $3 chocolate covered strawberries.
that i've been craving ever since.
we bought lots of goodies.
two vintage cameras, really good books,
a sweet little cardigan,
& awesome, awesome sunglasses.

oh yeah & we took lots of polaroids.
can you tell?
then husband & I road-tripped 140 miles
to confirm that yes we are in love with this car.
{hoping for another incentive to help us out}.

we ate at red lobster.
& it was good, good, good.
we talked the whole ride.
mostly about death.
it was sad, but it was a good thing to talk about.
we remembered how lucky we really are
even though stupid things happen in life.

then we pulled over to watch the sunset.

and that my friends is how my husband manages to make me happy
in the midst of crazy, crazy life.



Kristin said...

Awww... I'm sorry about your neighbor.

I am glad that you had a good Saturday anyway. :-)

Windy City Kelley's said...

Sorry you had such a crappy week. The last picture is so cute of you guys!

jordan said...

ick -- sorry you've been experiencing some hard knocks this week but it's really nice to see that you appreciate the good times more, because of it.

i love how strangers/neighbours can touch you & while going through the death of a loved one is super hard .. going through it with someone less close is still tough. i bet the family appreciates your support :) you're a good person, chelsea! and very inspiring -- for the millionth time, i'm sure.

your saturday at the market/antiquing sounds (and looks perfect to me -- seriously, like a dream day to me. i think we have quite similar taste :) vintage cameras, drives, sunsets, polaroids, talks about life .. all make me swoon. i love that you're enjoying life! :) thanks for sharing your adventures.

Julia Goolia said...

I'm sorry your week and weekend sucked. Here's to a better one this time around!

Joi said...

Hope this week starts to look up!

Love the sunset pic!

Rhianne said...

I'm sorry about your neighbour - its always a shock when things like that happen.

Your photos are so pretty, I love the sunset one and I'm hugely excited that you got some vintage cameras - I really need to get some soon.

I hope your week gets better xxx

leah @maritalbless said...

Thank goodness for the hubs! I'm soo sorry you've had to deal with all of this nonsense and will be praying for your neighbor!