Sunday, August 2, 2009

dear mcdonalds,

i am addicted.

to your deliciously delicious sweet tea.
it is every bit as delectable as you say it is.
i call it the nector from the gods.
+ every day around 2 o clock my body starts to go crazy for it.
oh lucky are the days that i get to happily drive up to your window
+ indulge in pure sweet bliss.
thank you.




Joi said...

I am a sweet tea fan, too. My japanese grandma used to make the best sweet tea ever...I miss it!

Oh, and have you tried McAllister's sweet tea? It's huge and comes in a pretty cup : )

naomi megan. said...

such a good photo! i am addicted to mcdonald's big mac's. infact, just blogged about it!!!

a lot of their stuff is crazy addicting.