Tuesday, August 4, 2009

.my favorites of today.

01. husband buckling my shoes for me this morning.
02. mcd's sweet tea {again} this afternoon.
03. daydreaming about thai for dinner with husband tonite.
04. looking at potentially new vehicles to purchase.
05. being supported 100% by practically strangers {who i am growing to love}.
06. the above photo. because that's what today feels like.
07. this shirt i am so happily wearing today.
08. feeling very adult-like {in a good way}.
09. sipping a cup of coffee from the office & then realizing it was snickerdoodle
flavored coffee {what a delicious, sweet surprise}.
10. my fridge full of polaroid film.
11. dearest alice being just too darn sweet.
she is reader of life is beautiful & has always graciously
expressed her loving thoughts to me.
it is the best feeling in the world {thank you alice}.
& she has now started to her own blog here-
be sure to check her out.
12. this essie nail polish color that i currently can't get enough of.



Alice said...

:O this made my WEEK! ^_^ I feel like a legit blogger hahaha Thanks so much!!! :) :)

Hollie said...

Your officially being followed, in a very un-stalker-ish way, by Chelsea's much rad-er younger sister, Alice.


P.S. CeCe, I read in TeenVogue that gray nail polish is in. Of course they had YSL gray, but I think that OPI and/or Essie one would do just fine.

leah @maritalbless said...

Because I don't feel this happy, I am happy for you!