Friday, August 28, 2009

weekend = yay.

mine is filled with lots of good stuff.
girl's night tonight!
{while the boys are going to their old high school to watch football scrimmages -
yes, this truly excites them} - the girls are having a night in.
complete with wine, adventureland, blankets, & chit chat. {it officially feels like fall}.
& lots of fun stuff tomorrow with husband. & sleeping in.
& getting the house organized. & taking lots of photos. & editing lots of photos.
& record shopping. & listening to music. & stacey's bridal shower.
& reading. & relaxing, relaxing, relaxing.

i just treated myself to some urban outfitters goodies
with some of the $$ i have been saving from the past 5 photo sessions!
i didn't go too overboard, but some good stuff folks:

i have wanted this dress for forever- literally all summer long-
but could never justify the purchase.
well now i need a dress for a very special dinner
& of course i remembered this beaut.
much too summery for what is now fall,
but i simply do not care because i love it.
& this ring that i've been dreaming about, & this everyday tee,
& film for this and this.
and i got some great deals
{via coupon codes luckybreaks09 and freestyle}.

ahhhhh... it has been too long U.O.
too long.


{more polaroids here}.


Maddie said...

a) your polaroids are beatiful! b)your night with the girls sounds amazing. i loved adventureland.
and c) UO is my new obsession! i just bought some awesome headphones that i'm in love with!
your blog is so cute!