Wednesday, April 29, 2009

spring always leaves me longing for more.
sandals + skirts. bright nail polish + ice cream cones. bicycle rides + sunny skies.
this spring i am fortunate enough to enjoy so many of these wonderful things.
but i am left longing for......

so many pretty dresses.

this spring i can not get enough flowing, lovely, gorgeous, pretty pretty dresses.
i stumbled across .sarah seven. last week + have been loving them nonstop since.
+ since actually purchasing them is out of the question right now.
sharing them with you is the next best thing.

buy them here.
+ see her lovely blog here.

aren't they stunning?

.another dress that i am loving right now that i might be able to actually snag is this beauty.
on sale for $18.
can't really beat that.

ahhh spring.
thank you for allowing me to wear such pretty dresses.