Tuesday, April 28, 2009

as if the daffodils surrounding our house weren't doing a good enough job..
the tulips are sure that it really is spring around here.

i can hardly believe that these beauties are taking over our front yard.
or that husband + i planted them ourselves.
we had no idea what we were doing. but it must have been right.
they make me so happy.

more here.


Kristy said...

SO beautiful! Tulips are my favorite flower... but everytime we plant them they just die off :( Great work!

Julia Goolia said...

LOVE the pics. Great work, and your weekend recap is full of awesome shots, too. I wish our tulips were all the way up!

jordan said...

your pictures (all of your photography) are amazing! i LOVE tulips so that doesn't hurt either.

Lain & i have started seeds indoors & are planning on transplanting them in a few weeks, when the weather is a bit warmer here. i'm so impatient ..i just want them to be ready now!

yay for you guys making your garden beautiful! :)

Lindsay said...

i love your pics! i go through your flicker photos all the time! and that receipe box is on my wish list! :)