Friday, April 10, 2009

Yes I do realize that it has been one whole week. What can I say?? When my mind isn't in the best of places I can't really expect the blog to be. My apologies. Some highlights of this past week include...

. This movie was amazing. Easily a favorite of mine... it brings those feelings of a first, fresh love rushing back. Not to mention the amazing 80s music, one-liners + brilliant Kristen Stewart. See it!

02. jamming out to said 80s rock music all week long {Lou Reed, I love you. + don't forget The Replacements. New York Dolls anyone?}

03. an awesome girls night in; complete with wine, chit chat + How I Met Your Mother.

04. painting a wall in my living room. + loving the color. {thinking about tackling the trim next, but realize that this job will likely result in me hating myself because painting trim sucks, so I'm holding off}.

05. family walks.

06. Gilmore Girls seasons on dvd.

07. my husband's neck rubs. + sweet little notes that he leaves for me around the house.

08. lunch dates with Missy.

09. lunch {or rather 4-hour get togethers over margaritas} with my not-so-much-anymore co-workers. + resulting comfort of knowing that I'm not alone.

10. taking care of my sick sister.

11. sleeping in with G.

12. music-blaring, windows-down, free-feeling car rides, enjoying the lovely weather.

This week is leaving me relaxed, slightly anxious + concerned, excited, + desperately wanting a Lou Reed t-shirt. Happy Friday.

currently listening to :: unsatisfied by the replacements.