Tuesday, April 28, 2009

where does the time go?
it's hard to believe that the weekend is long gone + it is tuesday already.
we had a perfect weekend + it all started out with perfect weather on friday.
it was by far the most gorgeous day we have had yet this spring.
+ we took advantage.


on friday husband had signed me up to do volunteer work
with him + some of his co-workers.
it ended up being such a great day.
in the gorgeous sun.
{i even got sunburned}.

we helped out some kids for a really good cause.
{plus i learned how to stain a deck so now i can do ours}.
afterward we headed over to our parents house to hang out on the back deck.
had some drinks while more people randomly showed up.
caitlin. andrew+stacey. cj+his new girlfriend.
+ we were even treated to a surprise fireworks show.

.g thinking he's getting a taste.

.dancing to joan jett inevitably ensued.

we headed back to our place with andrew+stacey around midnight.
+ started a fire in the firepit.
only to have random neighbors of ours wander up + join in on the party.
G was the hit of the night. getting tons of attention.
partied til about 3 with them. + had one really tired dog on our hands.
i would say that by being outside from 8am-3:30am
we were soaking up as much of this great day as we could.


saturday morning the boys slept in.
but i woke up at 6
after only 2 hours of sleep
to hit some major garage sales with my mom+sisters.
{it was worth it. found some major scores!}
+ headed back home to rest up with my boys.
{G was still sleeping + didn't wake up until 6 pm}.
{only to eat + pee + go back to sleep again}.

we cuddled up to some movies on the couch.
+ listened to the thunderstorms all day long.
even more grateful for enjoying the day outside on friday.

.g woke up to watch the draft for a bit at night.

.our little friend roger taking shelter from the rain.

sunday was overcast + cloudy
but no rain thankfully.
we did some work outside.
+ then headed down to the river with G for a walk.

+ then stopped at DQ for a treat for our tired boy.
{it was a really long walk}.

oh what a great day.
we headed home + made lasagna for dinner.
+ lemon bars for dessert.

life is good.

more pictures here.

currently listening to :: pictures of you by the cure.


Windy City Kelley's said...

Our dog drinks beer too! My husband gave her a little when she was a puppy and now we can't leave any type of bottle around or she'll drink it :)

Sounds like a great weekend!

jordan said...

!!!!!! the one of G licking the ice cream cone is PRICELESS.