Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i usually try to keep a lot of the mush from my marriage away from the blog.
mainly because i think that people get sick of hearing it.
but today is different.
today marks nine years that husband+i have been together.
we started officially dating nine years ago.
+ so today i am gushing about my husband.
+ how madly in love with him i am.

i didn't have much time to dig through our old photos to really do this anniversary justice.
but i thought that these would do.
i don't remember the exact years.
somewhere in between freshman + junior year of high school.
going to homecoming dances together.
i knew even then that i would marry this boy.

he is genuine. passionate. caring. + so full of love.
he is always by my side. he is always there for me.
he takes care of me in ways that i could never describe.

i am so lucky.

+ nine years ago today.
we hung out in our friend's basement.
+ watched the bone collector.
+ kissed each other good night.
the first of so many more kisses to come.

lalu. always.

currently listening to :: for blue skies by strays don't sleep.


Joi said...

So sweet. : )

Julia Goolia said...

you guys are so stinking cute in those photos. such babies! :)