Monday, April 20, 2009

today i am sick. .blah.
i guess that's what i get for doing way too much
this weekend when i wasn't feeling good to begin with.
i'm paying for it now.

but our weekend was pretty darn great.
we partied at aaron+kathy's on friday night.
complete with beer pong. flippy cup. + stand up comedians.
{very reminiscent of good old college days}.
celebrated my mom's birthday on saturday night.
with so many great friends+family.
in my mom's nearby hometown.
it was a blast.
with tons of dancing.
+ did i mention drinking?
very good times.
sunday was spent recovering.
on the couch. with my boys.
watching lots of movies.
{reviews to come}.

today i am drinking tons+tons of tea.
+ basically living in bed.
but watching good movies all day is pretty nice.
+ the husband going out of his way for me to feel better is pretty nice too.
hope i feel better soon.



Joi said...

Feel better soon, C!